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吴靖萱 Jane Wu
Oct.12th 2019
Jane Wu x NO.J
设计师 / 吴靖萱
Designer / Jane Wu
Jane Wu是具有多重身份的新时代独立女性,除了设计师的身份,她还扮演着制片人和演员的角色,代表作品《忍者神龟2》,
Jane Wu is a new era independent woman in multiple industries. In addition to being a designer, she also plays producer and actor roles, she starred in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Captain America 3, A Children’s Song, etc.
吴靖萱(Jane Wu),一名演员,制片人兼设计师,是No.J系列品牌强劲的推动力, 使其成为最受欢迎的奢侈品牌之一。
NO. J is an entree into luxury women’s wear. Based in Los Angeles, NO. J blends elegance and edge. Its style is street-chic with edgy silhouettes and details that emphasize the movement of the body. NO.J take the grit of the street and translate it into reimagined apparel dreams.
Under the vision of actor, producer, and founder of No. J is Jane Wu, the driving force behind the collection. Making NO. J one of the most sought after luxury brands.

Jane Wu, 以下简称JW

CAS:你好Jane Wu,可以先跟关注我们加州留学生网的朋友们打个招呼吗?
JW:大家好,我是Jane Wu,中文名吴靖萱。之前我是演员出身的,在国内拍了一些动作电影。5年前,我来美国发展我的演艺事业。之前上了一些电影,像《忍者神龟2》,《美国队长3》。但是在一两年前,我突然对时尚行业特别感兴趣,我开始给自己尝试一些衣服给我自己穿,因为我的风格会比较Badass。酷酷的这种,有时很很难买衣服,就开始给自己设计。然后2018年,我觉得why not start your own life,if you really like fashion。所以18年我就去学校学了一些Fashion Design的一些课程。19年我有一个No.J的 Instagram的账号(IG:thenumber.j),会放一些衣服的照片。
CAS: Hello Jane Wu, nice to meet you! Can you introduce yourself to the audience of our social media?
JW:Hi Everyone, my name is Jane Wu or Wu Jingxuan. I am an actress and I starred in many action movies in China. Five years ago, I came to the United States to develop my acting career. During this time, I starred in movies like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 and Captain America: Civil War. A year or two ago, I became particularly interested in the fashion industry. I became by trying to design some cloths for myself, since I feel my style is a bit unique and can be difficult to buy for. In 2018, I began to consider further establishing myself in the fashion industry and making it into a career. I then went to school to take some courses on fashion design. In 2019, I created an Instagram account (IG: thenumber.j) where I would share photos of my designs.
CAS: As you mentioned before, your designs tend to be for professional women. You have some cool designs. What is your inspiration?
JW: I like to think of my style as being kind of badass, inspired by the styles like those in the Matirx and other similar movies. However, it is my hope that NO.J can be a diverse brand that appeals not only on the runway, but also for everyday attire in the real world.
CAS:这是Jane Wu你的第一次办秀吗?
JW:并不是,这是我第二次办秀,第一次是在青岛办的。NO.J的 Instagram上的作品被LAFW看到了后,他们就问我有没有兴趣来参加这个活动,这是我的第二场秀。
CAS: Is this your first show?
JW: No, this is my second show. Our first show was in Qingdao, China. After NO.J’s Instagram was noticed by LA Fashion Week, they asked if I was interested in participating in this event.
CAS:Jane Wu 你之后有进军中国市场的想法吗?在品牌宣传上有什么打算吗?
CAS: Jane Wu, do you have any desire to enter the Chinese market? Do you have any plans for brand promotion?
JW: Of course! I am Chinese, after all, and would still like to enter the Chinese market. As of now, our main sources of publicity are the official NO.J website and Instagram page, though I have plans to develop our website in China. From here, I hope to cooperate with buyer stores to create collections and expand the business.
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Jane Wu IG:itsjanewu
NO.J IG:thenumber.j
Official website: thenumberj.com
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